Wednesday, March 5, 2008

How I Came To Be A Designer

I found paper crafting after the birth of my daughter. It was a wonderful way to meet other mothers who were doing something that was creative and fun. I got pregnant with the boys a year later and decided to stay at home with my boys because I had missed so much by going back to work after my daughter was born.

I made a choice. I decided that I was not willing to have to work 80 hour weeks again to make money and in turn, miss all that makes being a mom great. I missed my daughter's first steps. I missed her doing all kinds of things because I was at work. As a scrapbooker, I realized that I wanted to have those moments not just in my memories, but documented in photos.

My DH took pictures every day so that I could see her change and grow while I was at work. The commute to Nashville from Atlanta was grueling every week and finally the time came to choose. I chose to leave it all behind me and make some different choices. I sat on the fence for two years working, but not committing.

Finally, a good friend of mine, Melanie Bruner (the cockroach girl), sent me a text message and told me to apply for the Ranger Design Team. I was at CKC in Charlotte, NC. I told all the girls that if I did not get on this design team, I was going to go back to the 80 hour work week and just make money until I could retire early and have a pension. Even if I was miserable, a paycheck was enough of an incentive for me. I prayed about it and prayed about it. At the last moment, the 12th hour, I applied and I made it. That was it. I have never looked back.

Do I expect anyone to understand the fact that I gave up a 6 figure salary and have spent all my savings to pay my bills to rip and tear paper all day long? NOPE. I do what I do because I love it. I cannot imagine doing anything else. I wake up wanting to sniff a glue stick and have paint under my fingernails.

Altered Arts magazine had a call for their Design Team. Rebecca Peck (also on the Ranger Design Team) encouraged me to apply. I did and here I am.

I love to make stuff. I just love it. I do have a tendency to bite off more than I can chew and never seem to meet my deadlines. But when it is done, it is done and I love it.

What else could I tell you...?

If I had to describe my humor, I would say that it resembles Whoopi Goldberg with a Neicy Nash twang and sprinkled with a bit of George Carlin on top. Let me make it clear. A dread headed black woman with a flower in her hair that likes to cuss. Yep, that is me in a nutshell.

I am surrounded by a group of women that encourage me everyday to reach for the stratosphere. Who could ask for more?!!!

Until we meet again.

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